Suddenly the world is discovering this precious spot at the southern tip of Europe. A few days ago, the World Travel Awards, the most respected entity on the tourism field, gave two of their most distinguished “Oscars”, to our country. We get the “World´s Leading Destination”, and Lisbon, our capital, the “World´s Leading City Break Destination” https://www.worldtravelawards.com/press-343 . Last September it was “Europe Leading Destination”, also from World Travel Awards. There are quite a lot of reasons to this global fascination with us, starting with the scientific facts that we party better than the Spanish, and in a quiet way, we have better olive oil than the Italians, and superior craft beer, at a very reasonable price. But, to be analytic, there is also a set of other powerful reasons. At Lisbon and Porto, we have old but cosy city centres’, totally different from your usual cosmopolitan European city, where your stroll will get you a surprise every hundreds of meters. And there is always the case for the singularity of our geography, where on most of the times you are half an hour from a beach or the countryside. But the key reason for these awards is that we truly love to host people from all over the world, as you will soon discover.