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Precision is paramount when it comes to the swimming competition at UN’s 46th Inter-Agency

The UN swimming athletes, meeting in Lisbon for the Inter-Agency Games, their annual sporting competition, were ready, trained and motivated.

Posted: 23 May 2019

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46th Inter-Agency Games’ golf competition was an 18-hole course hit from start to finish

Gathered in Lisbon for their Inter-Agency Games, the UN's annual sports competition, the 85 UN golfers were in search of high-quality competition.

Posted: 21 May 2019

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All-Star UN basketball teams come to Lisbon for the 46th Inter-Agency Games

When 72 UN basketball players came to Lisbon to participate in the Inter-Agency Games, the multinational organisations' annual sporting competition, we knew we would be running a high-level competition.

Posted: 17 May 2019

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High-intensity table tennis is played in Lisbon

In order to have a high-level table tennis competition, a pavilion with ideal sports and acoustic conditions is required, as is good equipment - starting off with the tables - and excellent judges.

Posted: 14 May 2019

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Portugal has everything it takes to play pétanque

With 126 players enrolled in the pétanque competition, we had a big challenge on our hands!

Posted: 13 May 2019

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Move Sports successfully organises thrilling UN's mega sports competition

Move Sports "only" had to organize a mega 3-day multi-discipline sports competition for almost 1500 United Nations officials in Lisbon.

Posted: 06 May 2019

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Inter-Agency Games participants are unanimous: Lisbon offers great weather, great sports facilities

To say that UN officials carry much of the world on their shoulders It’s an understatement. That’s why we at Move Sports are incredibly happy to be able to provide almost 1500 of them with a well-deserved fun and exciting sports festival in the city of Lisbon.

Posted: 03 May 2019

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A sunny day in Lisbon welcomed almost 1500 athletes from UN’s Inter-Agency Games

May 1st, a beautiful sunny and warm spring day in Lisbon, Portugal, welcomed close to 1500 amateur athletes for their first day at the UN’s 46th Inter-Agency Games.

Posted: 01 May 2019

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46th Inter-Agency Games officially inaugurated at Lisbon Greenhouse

The 46th edition of the UN's Inter-Agency Games, a sports festival that brings together close to 1500 members from the four corners of the world in Lisbon, was officially inaugurated yesterday, April 30, by the Portuguese Minister of Culture and UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Administration and Management, in a ceremony that took place at the beautiful Lisbon Greenhouse.

Posted: 01 May 2019

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We say "Welcome" to UN's Inter-Agency Games

Our challenge is to welcome to Lisbon, in their native languages, almost 1500 UN officials of 125 nationalities.

Posted: 30 April 2019

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UN chooses Portugal for its Inter-Agency Games

Move Sports wins international competition to organise the event that brings almost 1500 UN employees to Portugal

Posted: 30 April 2019

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Portuguese Prime-Minister loves the spirit of rugby

The Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, took a long stroll at the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival and stated he places great importance on the spirit of rugby.

Posted: 22 April 2019

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Why Lewis Moody loves the greatest youth rugby tournament in the world

There should be nothing about rugby that impressed Lewis Moody. The English international and Lion has been in all the rugby world's fields, in all the world's changing rooms in many of the great moments of the game and, like the warrior he was and is, he is not a man to be impressed. This was what we thought while we waited for him at the entrance of the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival, at the University Stadium in Lisbon, the best urban tourist destination in the world.

Posted: 18 April 2019

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The best youth rugby festival in the world has the capacity to make 28 151 people happy

Fundamentally, the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival is the ability to make 28 151 people happy in an area of 100 thousand square meters, for 48 hours and 300 games of great excitement. The most fantastic youth rugby tournament in the world involves these 28 151 people, who belong to "tribes" that arrive at the University Stadium of Lisbon, where the competition takes place, with huge expectations and ambitions.

Posted: 18 April 2019

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Premiership coaches lead workshops at Portugal Rugby Youth Festival

"Premiership Rugby is delighted to support the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival."

Posted: 08 April 2019

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Portugal awarded the ITB Earth Award for sustainable tourism

Portugal was awarded the ITB Earth Award 2019. This annual award highlights destinations with a strategy for tourism that favours sustainable development and contributes to fighting climate change and environmental degradation.

Posted: 07 March 2019

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Sports Tourism ought to be a national priority, says the CEO of Move Sports

Sports tourism, especially sports tours and corporate sports events, should be a strategic priority for Portugal’s tourism.

Posted: 25 February 2019

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KV Mechelen to play Belgium Cup Final after Football Training Camp in Southern Spain

KV Mechelen to play Belgium Cup Final after Football Training Camp in Southern Spain tailored by Move Sports

Posted: 13 February 2019

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KV Mechelen winter camp - The secret of success!

For the 2nd consecutive year KV Mechelen have trusted Move Sports to provide them with their winter training camp! Find out why they ”had one of the best football training camps in the history of the club”

Posted: 18 January 2019

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Djokovic elected sportsman of the year

Novak Djokovic is the sportsman of the year. The Serbian tennis player was chosen in the traditional election by 23 different news agencies in Europe. Djokovic continues to be in great shape, and he is currently leading the ATP world ranking, showing his willingness to continue playing tennis at the highest level. Djokovic received 145 votes, ahead of Luca Modric and Lewis Hamilton.

Posted: 27 December 2018

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Footgolf helps Bimbo Portugal achieving its goals

Bimbo Portugal had very specific goals and they knew they could count on us to reach them. The company was looking for a corporate sports activity to increase their professional efficiency, and Move Sports had an undeniable proposal.   Bimbo’s employees arrived in Óbidos, early in the morning, where they first had intense work sessions. The participants were very curious about what we had organised for them. After lunch, when the time had come, and without any delays, they found out that they were going to play a Footgolf tournament. At first, they were surprised about it, but quickly the willingness to play became dominant. The teams gathered people from different departments and after getting to know the basics of this new sport, they have started this journey with great motivation. In fact, footgolf is a very simple sport with basic rules. It follows the principles and objectives of golf but is played with the feet, with a size 5 ball and with holes adapted to it. The tournament was a success and the competitiveness lasted until the last kick. Late in the afternoon, we delivered the awards while a New Orleans old hits band was playing. There was a great joy and enthusiasm in the group. We have all went home happy. Bimbo Portugal had a good work day. We have shown the value of corporate sports events. Ask us about our programs and company events at info@corporatemovesports.com

Posted: 13 December 2018

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The best destination in the world to travel with your team and your club

The World Travel Awards has no doubts about choosing Portugal and Lisbon as the number one destination for any person who wants to travel in 2019. At the annual ceremony, the jury of the World Travel Awards gave a clear statement about the best place in the world to travel. Portugal renewed its 2017 title of "best destination in the world", while Lisbon became the best capital of the world, receiving the awards of "best destination city" and "best city break destination. But the choices of tourism experts did not stop here. The "Oscars of tourism", as the World Travel Awards are known, also distinguished the island of Madeira, several Portuguese hotels and the best adventure destination - the Passadiços de Paiva in the north of Portugal. In total, Portugal received 17 trophies, a world record. The secret to such distinction is simple. The Portuguese people are truly friendly and like to welcome and meet people from all over the world. Ask us how you can travel to the best destination in the world with your team or your club at info@movesports.com.

Posted: 06 December 2018

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The magical moment of the U18 Lekstorps IF girls

There, deep down in your heart, what any football fan wants to see in a match is that magic and unforgettable moment. This desire applies to both the Champions League final and to a youth tournament like the Lisbon Football Youth Cup, which we organize in Lisbon, because every football lover knows that magic can appear from both a professional and a 17-year-old girl. It is obvious that the effort is always welcome, that the goal is always celebrated, and that discipline and technical abilities are always recognized by any true supporter. But the magic moment changes everything.

Posted: 20 November 2018

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António da Cunha takes Penguins RFC on a tour to Argentina and Uruguay

António da Cunha, Move Sports CEO, Director of the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival, and a former Portuguese international, is going to be the manager of the Penguins Internacional Rugby Football Club on their rugby tour to Argentina and Uruguay. The "Penguins" are one of the most famous and prestigious international rugby clubs worldwide. To be an honorary member or to play with the jersey for the team, one must be invited. The tour to Argentina and Uruguay is one of the most important ones for the club in the past recent years, as the Penguins will participate in two top Sevens tournaments, the Olivos in Buenos Aires and the PSG 7s in Montevideo. António da Cunha was the special guest of the Penguins, due to his international experience as a player and his knowledge in the field of sports tourism. ‘It is a great honor to have been invited, and I immediately accepted it,’ says António da Cunha. The Penguins team that is going to Argentina and Uruguay has international players such as Brice Henderson, Charlie McKill or Anibal Garrido, and the Belenenses’ wing Tiago Fernandes.

Posted: 15 November 2018

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Vasteras IK withstands to the end with the ball magicians from Massamá

Vasteras IK had the most difficult game in the U16 boys’ category at the Lisbon Football Youth Cup, which brought to Lisbon crowds of many places in Europe, especially Sweden and Ireland.

Posted: 08 November 2018

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Grandma came to see the boy's game

An international football youth tournament as the Lisbon Football Youth Cup, which we organised in the beautiful city of Lisbon on October 27th and 28th, brings out the soul of football.

Posted: 06 November 2018

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Malahide United wins the football match of the year

The word ran quickly among the crowd at the Lisbon Football Youth Cup, which we have hosted in Lisbon on the weekend of the 27th and 28th of October. With great joy, a few rounds of beer and tasty hot dogs, the experts and the fans were sure, that the U12 match between Malahide United (Ireland) and Sport Lisboa e Benfica (Portugal) had everything to be one of the greatest matches of both the tournament and the year. The U12 Malahide United team, led by their great coach Charlie, who had a hairstyle inspired by the tv series “Peaky Blinders” and by African references, had shown throughout the tournament an incredible tactical discipline and an emotional coldness that many adults dream about having in the field.

Posted: 30 October 2018

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We were going to meet the Outsiders, a group of rugby veterans from Brisbane, with an average age of 50, and we were worried about it. We were worried because the information we got, was that this tour was the Outsiders’ last trip to play rugby outside of Australia. So, that was a big deal. We wanted them to have their last tour as extraordinary as the value and friendliness of the group, who are legendary all over the world. The first match they played was in Estádio Universitário de Lisboa (University Stadium of Lisbon), against the Lawbsters, the Portuguese national team. For the second match, we chose to take them to Évora, a World Heritage Site. We knew we had to find the right teams for the Outsiders, meaning that the teams had to have quality players, but at the same time, players within the same age group.

Posted: 19 October 2018

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You must respect tradition in sports, and that´s what we did when we hosted in Lisbon the women football team of Skarphedin. Founded in 1891, the Norwegian club is now one of the strongest in the country, with teams competing in several sports, including, of course, alpine sky. The football girls came to train in the sun, and they are a very interesting group. The youngest is 15 years old, the oldest is 39 years old, and they have room for a mother and a daughter in the team. They were pleased with the training facilities and more pleased with the break to do some shopping in one of our shopping districts. To discover why professional football teams, want to work with us, feel free to contact us.

Posted: 03 May 2018

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Last week, we did live the amazing experience of hosting football players of 17 different nationalities. No, it was not a special assignment from FIFA, even though we have heard that they are thinking about us to do something big in Portugal, and it was not yet the mega tournament that we are looking forward to organizing. In fact, it was only one team, with players from 17 different countries that now have only one nationality. The team was Switzerland´s FC Unterstrass.

Posted: 15 March 2018

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If you are a sports insider, you know that if you want a serious professional, you should hire a Dutch player. They are 100 percent focused, always keen on target. Don’t forget about Gullit. So, when a few days ago, we hosted the girls from HBS Craeyenhout, a field hockey team from The Hague, we were a bit concerned. These girls, playing in their national league, came here to work hard. And indeed, they had the no fuss, no-frills approach. Scheduled time was sharp to the minute, training sessions were hard, even for 20-year old girls. And, of course, the game was a serious affair. They beat our national team for 7–0. But, the following day, we took them to walk for a while in the old streets of Lisbon to experience our city life. We are nice people, and the girls started to relax, and to smile a lot. Then we took them on a Sit way tour – a tour on a Segway’s vehicle with adapted seats. The day was sunny, people were waving in a friendly way. The girls were happy, some of them couldn’t even stop laughing. Mission accomplished.

Posted: 09 March 2018

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What is rugby? There will never be a moment like that one. On the other side, you have the most powerful team in the world. Fifteen mental and physical ultimate warriors, 100% disciplined, masters of skills. But this is you and your lads, and you have been working a hell of a lifetime for this game.

Posted: 04 March 2019

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Louise Holte is a serious football coach and she had a serious problem. Toppidrettsgymnaset I Telemark U19 boys and girls’ teams had a pre-season to deal with, and their coaches and teachers had four teams to get in shape. The problem was that you cannot do much in Skien, Norway, with the pitch full of snow and frozen temperatures.

Posted: 23 February 2018

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Unbelievable cool and eager to learn, the French girls of Etoile Mouzillon Football were one of the great teams of Lisbon Football Youth Cup 2017. Check out their video.

Posted: 22 February 2018

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It is not every day that we have truly, classic, legendary champions with us. Believe it or not, we spent the last days hosting “Les Espoirs du Perpignan”, or the Under–23 of the Union Sportive Arlequins Perpignanais, or USAP Perpignan, one of the mythologic rugby jerseys of France. These big boys, national champions in 2017, travelled to Lisbon to a training camp. The Perpignan´s academy is really a champions factory, where Guilhem Guirado, David Marty, Sébastien Vahaamahina and Tommaso Allan, amongst others, learned their skills. The technical team and the boys did enjoy our program, but let´s be honest here, the fun was all on our side. After all, it is not every day that you can enjoy champagne rugby alive.

Posted: 12 February 2018

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In those years when he was the King of all the pitches, the joy did return to the game. We watched Ronaldinho Gaúcho for the free–kicks, for the long diagonal passes, for the sequence of dribbles in less than an inch of land. But above all, we watched him because his movements were a joyful football dance, and there was always a sunny smile on his face. In the 2004-05 and 2005-06 seasons, he took the world.

Posted: 30 January 2018

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KV Mechelen players came to Spain only for a quiet and professional Winter training camp. The team needs to fit the second leg of Belgium Football Jupiler Pro League, and to have a retreat in Islantilla, in the South of Spain, one of the best sports facilities of our portfolio, seems to be more than perfect. Players and staff arrived in a good mood to work, and they became even happier when they confirmed that the pitches were first class, and the accommodation even better. Not to mention that the Wi-Fi signal was strong everywhere, of course.

Posted: 19 January 2018

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Tough California Girls are ready to rock in Portugal

Watch out, these young women from Institute of Rugby, California, will not come to Portugal just to have fun. As the representatives of Southern California in our female tournament at the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival, the U19 girls are taking it very seriously.

Posted: 10 January 2019

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According to the report of our field correspondent, these U15, and U16 Stockport Rugby lads are a potential danger for their teachers. The boys, wrote our correspondent, are always keen to anything and their energy reserve is bigger than Russia’s oil capacity. The boys left their Grammar School and the Grey Island on December 7th and on that same day, they were walking around Cascais seafront and training on the beach.

Posted: 27 December 2017

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Suddenly the world is discovering this precious spot at the southern tip of Europe. A few days ago, the World Travel Awards, the most respected entity on the tourism field, gave two of their most distinguished “Oscars”, to our country. We get the “World´s Leading Destination”, and Lisbon, our capital, the “World´s Leading City Break Destination”

Posted: 20 December 2017

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Not quiet nor relaxed, the old red devil Eric Cantona, the one of a kind United striker that spread magic and some odd emotions on England’s and Europe’s pitches in the 90´s. These days, “The King”, despite of his very hipster beard, he is far from being at peace with the world and even further in hiding some of his strong views about the beautiful game.

Posted: 12 December 2017

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You should always keep in mind that love works on a reciprocity basis. You know all about this, how much you give, is how much you get. Except for the taxman, of course. Being this the case, you cannot expect that after your pitch boots would have given all for you in battle, in fact being your intimate supplier of power, speed, and stability, they, full of dust, mud, and pain, will be happy to be thrown to some dark corner.

Posted: 07 December 2017

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The U15 girls from Étoile Mouzillon came to the Lisbon Football Youth Cup 2017 to fight the best and learn from it. The French girls took the Cup seriously, and they collected, in their community near Nantes, the necessary money for the trip.

Posted: 30 November 2017

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The mister of the Vila Praia de Âncora Football Club was relentless with his U15 girls throughout the tournament. “Activate, girls, activate,” he shouted periodically at each game to force them to put into practice the tactic planned in the shade of Jamor grove. It worked. Rugged and disciplined, the girls from Vila Praia de Âncora surprised Sporting, and then managed to master the remaining games, taking the Lisbon Cup home.

Posted: 17 November 2017

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Our #TBT this week goes to the Football Tour of Millfield School, in 2011. The young players had a great sports experience at Sporting’s Academy, one of the best football academies not only in Portugal but also in Europe.

Posted: 27 July 2017

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Hey there, sports lovers! In June 2014, Move Sports was pleased to organise a soccer tour for Cabrini College around Lisbon and Algarve.

Posted: 20 July 2017