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The Move Sports Creed

You definitely want to book a tour or a camp with Move Sports.  Being Portuguese, we take everything personally. We have “go the extra mile” in our DNA.

You can count on our professionalism for the basics, but expect to see us always look for that extra detail that fits so well in your program.

It can be a technical training session with Ronaldo’s former coach. It can be a PHD (a Physical Deluxe) with the guy that took Portugal’s U20 Rugby team to the top. It can be gourmet burgers on the seafront that your team is dreaming about post-session.

In a nutshell, we will only rest when someone on the tour posts a “#portugaltourwow – It was, like, awesome, mate”.

This is a commitment: We take it personally.

Cosmopolitan, fluent in Globish and a set of other world languages, with a “next challenge, boss?” daily attitude, our crew embodies the Move Sports Creed.

Expect serious sports stuff. Book with us, we take it personally.