Organising Swimming Training Camps is one of our main activities. Move Sports offers several excellent venues that are ideal for Swimming Training Camps in Portugal and Spain, with 25 to 50m indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Although Portugal and Spain have not produced many world class swimmers in the past, both countries boast an impressive list of first class swimming facilities that are ideal for your future swim camp.

We have selected a range of locations that can offer and guarantee your swimming team the right conditions and lane availability for a perfect training camp abroad. So, if you’re thinking about booking a swim training camp, make sure you do so with a company that knows the locations and understands the needs involved for a successful swim training camp.


Every swimming team is different in its requirements and every coach has a different approach to his training preparations. Therefore, we create customised camps that are based on each group or individual needs. The following aspects are considered when taking requests:

  • Pre-Inspection site visits to swimming pool complexes and hotels
  • Duration of the swimming camp
  • Other Training facilities (Gym)
  • Nutritional requirements
  • Medical and support network
  • Time of year
  • Leisure activities

Move Sports is a full-service provider for every top athlete involved in Swimming Training Camps preparation. We have worked with some of the best teams in several sports categories including swimming, gaining comprehensive experience and a profound understanding of the real needs of a swim club.

Personalised service, along with carefully selected first class facilities, makes Move Sports a serious and efficient partner during the preparation of Swimming Training Camps.

We have a team of experienced professionals

spread out across Portugal and Spain,

which enables us to provide you with better assistance than anyone else.

If you wish to discuss your future swimming camp with us

please feel free to call us from

 Monday – Friday 9:30am – 7pm at +351 214 540 410 (UTC+00:00).

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Algarve * Lisbon * Madeira

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Swimming Training Camp | Central Algarve

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Costa Blanca * Baleares * Costa Brava

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