This swimming camp training facility is an outdoor 50m pool, thus being unique to the region.
It is of superb condition and ideal for all disciplines within swimming in the summer months (from April onwards), making it an ideal venue for swimming camp preparations.

▼ Location

This 50m pool is located in Central Algarve, in a city with public university, a seaport, a marina and an international airport, which is only 10 minutes from the city centre.

The Old City is a well-preserved section of town off the harbour with cobblestone streets and 18th century Portuguese and Moorish-influenced architecture. It is great place for a peaceful and almost private walk back in time in an area that has been virtually untouched by modernity.

▼ Climate

The city has a Mediterranean-Subtropical climate. Summers are warm to hot and sunny with average daytime temperatures of 27–29 °C (81–84 °F). The weather in the autumn and winter months is generally mild with temperatures around 8–17 °C (46–63 °F).

▼ Sports Facilities

Swimming Complex facilities:

  • 50mts outdoor swimming pool with 8 lanes
  • 25mts indoor swimming pool
  • Gym/Health Club
  • Technical room
  • Medical room & Meeting room
  • Changing rooms with lockers
  • Bar
  • Cafeteria

Additional sports facilities:

    8 lanes tartan 400m running track including:

  • 1 x High Jump bed
  • 2 long and triple Jumping pits
  • Hurdles, blocks & implements
  • 1 x Pole Vault bed
  • Specific Throws, Shot, Discus, Javelin and Hammer Training area
  • 1 natural grass pitch
  • 6 Changing rooms
  • 2 Changing rooms for officials
  • 2 sports equipment storage rooms
  • 1 gymnasium
  • Medical room
  • Technical room
  • Lounge
▼ Accommodation

Although the sports centre does not include accommodation on site, there are several 3* and 4* hotels only minutes away. All these hotels units present high standard rooms, service and are well prepared and fully experienced hosting sports athletes.

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