This facility is considered the most modern swimming camp south of Lisbon. This complex was inaugurated in the 9º anniversary of the city, 13 of May of 2008. The pool was considered to be an architecture sporting delight as it is located adjacent to the Municipal Football & Athletics Stadium.

Although the sports centre does not include accommodation on site, there are several 3* and 4* hotels only 5 mins walking distance away.

▼ Location

Conveniently located in central Algarve, this location has developed into one of the Algarve’s top resorts since the boom of the 1970/1980s. With safe bathing conditions and sandy beach running virtually uninterrupted all the way to Faro this complex is approximately 20kms away from Faro airport.

▼ Sports Facilities

Swimming Complex facilities:

  • 25 mts swimming pool with 6 lanes plus 2 lanes of 50mts
  • Sauna & Jacuzzi
  • Press Room & Technical room
  • Medical room & Meeting room
  • Changing rooms with lockers
  • Bar
  • Cafeteria
▼ Adjacent Stadium sports facilities
  • 1 natural grass pitch
  • 400m tartan track with 8 lanes
  • One heavy weights gymnasium
  • Physio room
  • Medical Room
  • Floodlights
  • Bar
  • Meeting room

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