Iberian Sports experience – Tours in Portugal and Spain

Move Sports has developed the ultimate sports tour itinerary with the Iberian Sports Experience package whereby Football toursRugby tours and Hockey tours can choose from a multitude of cities to visit in both Portugal and Spain. Therefore it is possible to keep a group of sports enthusiasts or sports touring side with diverse interests extremely happy.

This type of either rugby tour, football tour or hockey tour gives the touring group a chance to visit two of Europe’s oldest nation states, Portugal & Spain. These countries are probably two of the most under-appreciated vacation destinations but both countries are appealing to visitors with so many historical, cultural and leisure aspects on offer.

Another reason why Spain and Portugal are so enticing is that money goes further in these countries more than any other European country, thus the Iberian Peninsula sports tour remains an excellent value for money.

Sport in the Iberian Peninsula is in abundance with some of the best sporting teams and facilities in Europe. Both these countries have staged huge sporting events such as the ’92 Olympic Games in Barcelona and the 2004 European Football Championship in Portugal.

With a wide variety of sports such as football soccer, rugby and hockey being popular, finding the right training facilities and opposition for either a rugby touring team, football soccer touring team or a hockey touring team to suit both the playing standard and budget does not cause a problem.

The only problem being is which of the fabulous attractions to take in.

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