This Futsal centre has been a popular destination among amateur Futsal teams when choosing a Futsal Training Camp venue and is located on the beautiful western coastline of Lisbon, specifically near the towns of Estoril and Cascais.

Estoril and Cascais which are ideal for all groups as they are in group-friendly resorts and they offer everything for a Futsal Training Camp – a relaxed environment, plenty of cafes, shops and restaurants, amazing beaches where morning training session teams can be conducted and fantastic sporting challenges.

▼ Location

This sports complex is located on the beautiful western coastline of Lisbon, boasting outstanding facilities. This sports centre has been a popular destination among futsal teams when choosing a training camp venue. The club is located on Lisbon’s beautiful westerly coastline and only 20kms away from Lisbon´s international airport.

▼ Sports Facilities

A true stage of excellence prepared to host futsal teams of amateur to mid professional level:

  • One sports hall with regulation Futsal goals with dimensions marked out on a sprung wooden floor
  • Spectator capacity of 1,500

Other Facilities

  • 3G Artificial Pitch
  • Gym
  • Boxing ring
  • 20m swimming pool
  • Health club
  • 7 sports studios
  • Changing rooms
  • Technical staff meeting room
  • Bar
  • Medical Room
  • Sports shop
▼ Accommodation

There are a large selection of 3* and 4* hotels in the area to suit your budget and requirements with transfers included. The nearest 4* hotel is within 2 minutes walking distance. All hotels are located on the Estoril coast, boasting easy access to the Cascais sports complex.

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