Portugal and Spain are ideal destinations for football soccer tours for students, where guaranteed sunshine, fantastic nightlife, adrenaline filled activities, fantastic nightlife, excellent beaches, affordable quality accommodation and appropriate opposition are all in abundance. Student football soccer tours are built around the core principles of safety, enjoyment and affordability plus the suitability of the destination resort, accommodation and equally matched opposition depending on the ability and the football tour requirements.

Equally as important are the options of exciting excursions at the chosen resort to ensure maximum entertainment outside of the fixtures for your football soccer tour.


The city of Porto in the north, Coimbra with the second oldest University in Europe, the capital city of Lisbon, with its great western coastline of Estoril / Cascais or the Algarve in the south. All offer continental culture meaning, quality cuisine, great evening entertainment with late nights out, fantastic sport and wonderful weather all at great value for money.


This northern city is ideal for student football tours, a city that boast the largest University in Portugal by way of enrolled students. Porto has a rich historical and culture story to tell with plenty to do during the day. At night the city takes on a new face and there is plenty to keep students entertained until dawn! Thus Porto has everything to offer to football tours for students – a student city, a strong football heritage, quality opposition and fantastic sporting facilities.


090817coimbra_233_4_5_fs COIMBRA

A city located in the centre of the country that has one of the oldest Universities in Europe, it is only natural then that Coimbra has all to offer for football tours for students. A friendly city with over 30,000 students that hosts the largest international community of students in Portugal. On a student football tour the team will never be short of activities to do from the historical student traditions, to the evening street entertainment or the nightlife that never seems to end. All this plus quality opposition and great football facilities, this city is not too be missed whilst on a football tour.

11-tour-lisboa-sintra LISBON

Lisbon is one of Europe’s most attractive capital cities. Lisbon has a wealth of history and tradition that can be sampled in its gothic cathedrals, monasteries and quaint museums. Football tours for students to Lisbon are ideal as there is an abundance of quality opposition, excellent nightlife and top class football pitches. Cascais is a seaside resort with a relaxed atmosphere that has plenty of bars, shops and restaurants and amazing beaches where morning training session teams can be conducted. Estoril and Cascais are ideal for football tours for students as they are in group-friendly resorts and they offer everything for a football tour: – relaxed environment, superb beaches and fantastic sporting challenges.

algarve-caves-portugal-28637-1920x1080 ALGARVE

The Algarve in the south is perfect for football tours for students as it is simply breathtaking with its towering cliffs, expanses of golden sand and plenty of leisure activities to participate in when not playing football. The Algarve has numerous top class football facilities available throughout the region and it is possible to obtain opposition for required fixtures. Nightlife is in abundance due to the Algarve being the main tourist destination of Portugal making it impossible for a student football team not to enjoy their football tour.


Southern Spain, specifically the cities of Seville and Cadiz in the Andalusia region as they offer a wide range of cultural aspects with regard to places to visit and wonderful cuisine, interesting nights out, great weather and plenty of football opportunities, making it hard not to see why Spain are the European Football Champions.


Seville is Andalusia’s largest city and is situated away from the coast. The lack of a beach can be seen as a benefit as student football tours can spend their days discovering exactly what Seville has to offer, from cultural excursions or exciting fun filled theme parks to fantastic nights out. The Sport Activities Service of the University of Seville (SADUS) are available to football teams and as such Seville offers student football tours a great football experience with a large pool of quality opposition and excellent sporting facilities. In 2004 it had 73,350 students scattered around different campuses, being the second Spanish presential university by number of students.


image_61020 CADIZ

Despite its unique site, on a narrow spit of land hemmed in by the sea, Cádiz is, in most respects, a typically Andalusian city with a wealth of attractive places to visit, well-preserved historical landmarks, great nightlife and plenty of quality sporting facilities. The sports facilities of the University are located at Puerto Real, at one of the three campuses of the University and is only 28 Kms from Jerez airport. The Sport Activities Service of the University of Cadiz is available to teams on a football tour providing a complete range of possibilities of playing football at any level. There are dozens of activities for student at all destinations to participate in whilst on a football tour such as:

  • Paintball
  • Go
  • Karting
  • Amusement parks
  • Water sports
  • Beach trips
  • Stadium tours
  • Professional football fixtures
  • Surf clinics
  • Boat trips

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