This Football Soccer Training Centre is without doubt one of the best in Southern Europe. This is the ideal venue for football soccer training camps for teams of any level looking for serious training camp preparation.

Located in Eastern Algarve, this Training Centre is also home to the Portuguese Olympic Committee where Portuguese international athletes regularly train. The sports complex features state of the art sporting facilities with a focus on football soccer, team sports, athletics (track & field), strength and conditioning and rehabilitation facilities. Although there is not accommodation on site, Move Sports combines this training centre with 3* and 4* hotels, only 1km away from the sports complex.

▼ Location

The sports complex is located only a short walking distance to the beach and to the Avenida Marginal. In fact the beautiful natural conditions transformed, in a few decades, a village of fishermen into an international tourist centre. The European Union blue flag vouches for the quality of the local beach. It is located only 55kms away from Faro International Airport and approximately 150kms from Seville International Airport.

▼ Sports Facilities

Sports facilities & equipment in the Stadium area:

  • One natural grass pitch (104x67mts);
  • Two gymnasiums (40x15mts);
  • 400mts tartan track with eight lanes
  • Two High Jump sectors
  • Two Pole vault pits
  • Four Horizontal and triple Jumping pits
  • Specific Throws, Discus and Hammer Training area
  • Medical centre;
  • Press-Room;

Sports facilities adjacent to the Stadium area:

    • Two natural grass pitch (100x65mts);
    • One synthetic grass pitch (126×70 mts);
    • One Discus Training area;
    • Three Javelin runways;
    • Five Throws Training area
    • One Discus and Hammer Training area
    • 2300mts cross country track;
    • Pine forest with running trails (12.500 metros);
    • Nine tennis courts (5xclay and 4xhard courts);
    • Two mini-tennis hard courts;

Sports facilities inside the indoor sports hall:

  • Four Lane tartan track (80mts);
  • One Horizontal and triple Jump pit;
  • One High Jump sector;
  • One Pole vault sector;
  • One discus and throwing net cage;
  • One javelin net cage;
  • One heavy weights gymnasium;
  • A laboratory of training control that allows carrying out diverse tests and evaluations. In the existing equipment, we highlight the Altitrainer, a simulator of altitude atmospheric conditions that permits, at sea level, create the conditions of training in hypoxia;
  • Physio room;
  • Medical Room;
  • Audio Visual equipped room;
  • Meeting room;
▼ Accommodation

Although the sports centre does not include accommodation on site Move Sports has combined this fabulous training centre with 3* and 4* hotels only 1km away. All these hotels units present high standard rooms, service and are well prepared and fully experienced hosting football clubs.

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