You must respect tradition in sports, and that´s what we did when we host in Lisbon the women football team of Skarphedin. Founded in 1891, the Norwegian club is now one of the strongest in the country, with teams competing in several sports, including, of course, alpine sky. The football girls came to train in the sun, and they are a very interesting group. The youngest is 15 years old,

Last week, we did live the amazing experience of hosting football players of 17 different nationalities. No, it was not a special assignment from FIFA, even though we have heard that they are thinking about us to do something big in Portugal, and it was not yet the mega tournament that we are looking forward to organizing. In fact, it was only one team, with players from 17 different countries that

If you are a sports insider, you know that if you want a serious professional, you should hire a Dutch player. They are 100 percent focused, always keen on target. Don’t forget about Gullit. So, when a few days ago, we hosted the girls from HBS Craeyenhout, a field hockey team from The Hague, we were a bit concerned. These girls, playing in their national league, came here to work

What is rugby? There will never be a moment like that one. On the other side, you have the most powerful team in the world. Fifteen mental and physical ultimate warriors, 100 percent disciplined, masters of skills. But this is you and your lads, and you have been working a hell of a lifetime for this game. Their fly-half speed up with the ball on his hands, their backline moves.

Louise Holte is a serious football coach and she had a serious problem. Toppidrettsgymnaset I Telemark U19 boys and girls teams had a pre-season to deal with, and their coaches and teachers had four teams to get in shape. The problem was that you cannot do much in Skien, Norway, with the pitch full of snow and freezing temperatures. So, Mrs. Holte and the other teachers started to search for

Unbelievable cool and eager to learn, the French girls of Etoile Mouzillon Football were one of the great teams of Lisbon Football Youth Cup 2017.

It is not every day that we have truly, classic, legendary champions with us. Believe it or not, we spent the last days hosting “Les Espoirs du Perpignan”, or the Under–23 of the Union Sportive Arlequins Perpignanais, or USAP Perpignan, one of the mythologic rugby jerseys of France. These big boys, national champions in 2017, travelled to Lisbon on a training camp. The Perpignan´s academy is really a champions factory,

In those years when he was the King of all the pitches, the joy did return to the game. We watched Ronaldinho Gaúcho for the free–kicks, for the long diagonal passes, for the sequence of dribbles in less than an inch of land. But above all, we watched him because his movements were a joyful football dance, and there was always a sunny smile on his face. In the 2004-05

KV Mechelen players came to Spain only for a quiet and professional Winter training camp. The team needs to fit the second leg of Belgium Football Jupiler Pro League, and to have a retreat in Islantilla, in the South of Spain, one of the best spots facilities of our portfolio, seems to be more than perfect. Players and staff arrived in a good mood to work, and they became even

Watch out, these young women from Institute of Rugby, California, will not come to Portugal just to have fun. As the representatives of Southern California in our female tournament at the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival, the U19 girls are taking it very seriously. After an open day of a fierce selection, the girls have now a team made from the best of their ranks, with players from Fallbrook Rugby Club,