You must respect tradition in sports, and that´s what we did when we host in Lisbon the women football team of Skarphedin. Founded in 1891, the Norwegian club is now one of the strongest in the country, with teams competing in several sports, including, of course, alpine sky. The football girls came to train in the sun, and they are a very interesting group. The youngest is 15 years old,

Last week, we did live the amazing experience of hosting football players of 17 different nationalities. No, it was not a special assignment from FIFA, even though we have heard that they are thinking about us to do something big in Portugal, and it was not yet the mega tournament that we are looking forward to organizing. In fact, it was only one team, with players from 17 different countries that

If you are a sports insider, you know that if you want a serious professional, you should hire a Dutch player. They are 100 percent focused, always keen on target. Don’t forget about Gullit. So, when a few days ago, we hosted the girls from HBS Craeyenhout, a field hockey team from The Hague, we were a bit concerned. These girls, playing in their national league, came here to work