According to the report of our field correspondent, these U15 and U16 Stockport Rugby lads are a potentially serious danger for their teachers. The boys, wrote our correspondent, are always keen to anything and their energy reserve is bigger than Russia’s oil capacity. The boys left their Grammar School and the Grey Island on December 7th and on that same day, they were walking around Cascais seafront and training on the beach.

Suddenly the world is discovering this precious spot at the southern tip of Europe. A few days ago, the World Travel Awards, the most respected entity on the tourism field, gave two of their most distinguished “Oscars”, to our country. We get the “World´s Leading Destination”, and Lisbon, our capital, the “World´s Leading City Break Destination” . Last September it was “Europe Leading Destination”, also from World Travel Awards.

Not quiet nor relaxed, the old red devil Eric Cantona, the one of a kind United striker that spread magic and some odd emotions on England’s and Europe’s pitches in the 90´s. These days, “The King”, despite of his very hipster beard, he is far from being at peace with the world and even further in hiding some of his strong views about the beautiful game. In a recent interview

You should always keep in mind that love works on a reciprocity basis. You know all about this, how much you give, is how much you get. With the exception of the taxman, of course. Being this the case, you cannot expect that after your pitch boots would have given all for you in battle, in fact being your intimate supplier of power, speed, and stability, they,  full of dust,