The U15 girls from Étoile Mouzillon came to the Lisbon Football Youth Cup 2017 to fight the best and learn from it. The French girls took the Cup seriously, and they collected, in their community near Nantes, the necessary money for the trip. Players of a proud club founded in 1966, and with women teams since 2007, “les petites étoiles” never surrendered. The goal, according to their coach, was “to

“Activate, girls” shouted the mister on the first day of the tournament The mister of the Vila Praia de Âncora Football Club was relentless with his U15 girls throughout the tournament. “Activate, girls, activate,” he shouted periodically at each game to force them to put into practice the tactic planned in the shade of Jamor grove. It worked. Rugged and disciplined, the girls from Vila Praia de Âncora surprised Sporting,